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Injection Overuse   Editorial
Implementation and Assessment of the Use of Real-Time PCR in Routine Diagnosis for Bordetella pertussis Detection in Brazil   Research Article
Prevalence of Malnutrition Among Under-Five Year Old Children With Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Hospitalized at Udupi District Hospital   Research Article
Association of HSV1/2 Infection and Pemphigus Disease   Research Article
Normal Salivary Cortisol and NK Cell Function in Adolescents With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Following Infectious Mononucleosis   Research Article
Microbiological Evaluation of Nosocomial Infections by Using National Nosocomial Infection Surveillance (NNIS) System   Research Article
Human papilloma virus DNA in Nongenital Seborrheic Keratosis   Brief Report
Brucella Endocarditis   Discussion
Prophylactic Probiotics for Prevention of Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) in Low Birth Weight Neonates; Quality of the Evidence   Letter
Negative Studies Have a Higher Burden of Proof   Letter